The Spring Show | The Art Court x Rushbond

‘The Spring Exhibition’ presented by The Art Court in collaboration with Rushbond in their stunning First White Cloth Hall on Kirkgate in Leeds City Centre. The show acknowledges the incredible history of trading undyed cloth in the building.

“With a nod to the history of the building the show features works including weaving, embroidery, sculpture including pieces that take its form from fabric, paintings and more.” – The Art Court

The Spring Exhibition in on until 1 June and is open Thurs-Sat, 12-6pm at First White Cloth Hall, 98-100 Kirkgate, Leeds LS2 7DJ

Goldbrick Ends – left & right
(Limited edition (5)) 2022

goldbrick – ‘something that appears to be valuable’

Size: Framed 60cm x 60cm
Material: Photographs, hand-finished with gold ink.

Image credit – Lucy Forrester

A bed, a knot, a charm – fanciful coquilles – a selection 2013

This piece of work was created and developed as a visual sculptural performance, taking place over 8 weeks, comprising of 289 unique artist made multiples. During this exhibition, a selection of this piece has been chosen.

Oyster shells as emotive objects have been used several times in my work. It is an object that made fortunes, gave livelihoods and bought together social integration on many levels by the simple act of consumption. The ‘fanciful coquilles’ are purposely ornate with the intention to engage the viewer in a fantastical way, drawing upon the past tradition of man made shell grottos. Preciously adorned spaces and fanciful overindulgence of a basic natural object – celebrating the oyster shell in all its glory.

Size: Each approx. 10 cm (l) x 6cm (w) x 5cm (h)
Material: Oyster shells, glass and plastic beads, clay, metal crab bells, glaze.

Image credit – Lucy Forrester

Salted Netter 1
1 of 3, 2015

Salted Netters, looks to the physical nature in which a net can be made. A reworking of a knitting tool to produce and develop a ‘netting tool’ ; a re-use and in this instance a direct sea use, for this required purpose. The string used to make the nets has been ‘salted’ Salted Netters, for good luck as per the salting of nets done by fishermen’s wives before their husbands went out to sea.
The netters themselves take the knitting form of the hand held knitting Nancy knitting tool. The string used for the purpose of the knitting has been salted to replicate the tradition of the blessing of new nets in the ocean before use. For this piece’s further progression the salted string has also been added to with metallic green (malachite) thread – ‘malachite’ colouring to represent transformation.

Size: 107 cm (h) x 47 cm (w)
Material: Installation – wood, adhesive, nails, paper, varnish, bamboo, salted string, thread.

Image credit – Lucy Forrester

Image credit – Lucy Forrester

Image credit – Lucy Forrester

Image credit – Lucy Forrester