Image curstey of Courtney Spencer

Stickpile, gold, Gold – kept pieces, Silver – loose change have been included in the Leeds City Museum’s exhibition – ‘Money Talks’. The exhibition runs from February to June 2022 – for more information please click here

Stickpile, gold (The West Yorkshire hoard) – Full thought

“A natural state for gold to be accumulated, divided and used.
30.17g, 9.48g, 15.09g, 8.35g, 3.44g, 29.5g”

Object – Leather, string, plaster, acrylic paint


Gold – kept pieces (small makes)

‘An assemblage of ‘gold’ scrap piece – a hoard if you will of small offcuts kept because of our value and potential reuse. Our materiality marks worth to be kept, scrap – but not scrapped.’

Object – Leather, gold brass, string


Silver – loose change (small make)

‘We are object in shape, yet work as coin, often working side by side in a pocket or purse. We will be chosen when active engagement with another person is needed, we are familiar, of an age before, a heritage that can still be seen, handled and used.’

Object – Leather, silk, silver acrylic, plaster