Limited Edition Prints

Goldbrick 3a

goldbrick – ‘something that appears to be valuable’

Signed 6″6 Limited edition print (15), plus 2 artists’ proofs. Photographic digital collage. Giclee Fine Art Print – printed on Fuji Photo Rag Paper 300gm.

This is a print of an original ink drawing on photography paper – photographed object, fools gold (12.7cm x 12.7cm) –

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Gold Vein 1-4 (the West Yorkshire hoard) – the prints

A beginning – earth, rock, water
Coveted, searched for – found
Extracted, smelted – altered
Shaped, carved – worn
Means, trust – plan
Morph, adapt – fix
Kept, given – held
Earth, covered – returned

10 Limited edition prints; of each Gold Vein 1,2,3,4

Signed 5″5 – printed on Fuji Photo Rag Paper – 300gm

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