Nicks – a physicality (The West Yorkshire hoard), July 2019

The physical remnants of the Golder than gold, each set are the nicked card cuts.  The set on the left is No. 1-6 – and the set on the right is No. 1-6 + Through the physical act of cutting, these smaller card cuts have given the card pieces their worth, their place in the work Golder than gold.  Hence the cuts place in this value cycle can be considered.  If made from the real material they represent, they would be kept, reused, recast into something else.  As it is with their card genetic makeup, they can just be. 

Size: Object – each set approx. (l) x (w)

Materials: Card – gold, silver, copper 

Exhibited: ‘To earmark’ – Project Space | School of Fine Art, Art History and Cultural Studies, Leeds University