An offering to Space and People – Protection, Feasting, Thanks, Sept 2018                           

This installation piece was created as an offering to the space and the people who visit Left Bank. By creating these two pieces to sit together, to create one installation, I wanted to invite the viewer to consume the historic nature of this space and part take in a culinary thanks.

Space – Inspired by English gold angel coins (first produced in 1465) I wanted to create a bespoke angel touch piece coin that embodied Left Banks’ patron saint when the space functioned solely as a church – St. Margaret of Antioch. Using these bespoke touch pieces, I wanted to create a hanging hoard as an offering to this saint.

People – As pilgrims to Left Bank, visitors make their journeys to this space under different guises – to think, to make, to learn, to eat, to socialise and to celebrate, with this in mind I wanted to create an assemblage of objects that embody this notion of travel, experience and learning; the scallop shell.

An artists’ commission by Left Bank Leeds