Room for Curio•sea•tyMarch 2016

Commissioned by East Street Arts – Room for Curio•sea•ty houses  – Circumfluere and the Travelling amulets – Brendan the Navigator & Macarius of Unzha, Venerable

Circumfluent means flowing around, surrounding.                                      Circumfluere is the original Latin verb, literally ‘to float about’.

“This work combines two ideas: Hondartza’s design of a world’s ocean map, and Lorna’s collages made out of the sea areas of old maps. The collage is composed from photos of old maps taken by the artists. The map presents a view of all the world’s seas as one unique mass of water, the land is omitted, only the coastline remains as one continuous edge to the body of water.”

Brendan the Navigator – The saint protector of mariners, seafarers, sailors, those traveling by sea

Macarius of Unzha, Venerable – The saint protector of craftsmen, merchants, travellers•sea•ty

Image courtesy of East Street Arts