Salted Netters, March 2015

Set of 3

Salted Netters, looks to the physical nature in which a net can be made. A reworking of a knitting tool to produce and develop a ‘netting tool’ ; a re-use and in this instance a direct sea use, for this required purpose. The string used to make the nets has been ‘salted’ Salted Netters,for good luck as per the salting of nets done by fishermen’s wives before their husbands went out to sea. The gathered witches/hag stones are used as both a weight and a further means of protecting the nets. The hag stone, usually found on beaches was used to protect sailors and fishermen from witchcraft, charms and spells.

Size: 107 cm (h) x 47 cm (w)

Material: Installation – wood, adhesive, nails, paper, varnish, bamboo, salted string, witches stones, thread

Exhibited: Curio•sea•ty at South Square, South Square Gallery, Thornton, Bradford, June – July 2015

Curio•sea•ty, Patrick Studios, Project Space, East Street Arts, Leeds, March 2015