For What It’s Worth, March 2015

This piece looks to visually show salt in it’s universal and unifying role of both the land and the sea – interlinking both through how it is gathered, transported, distributed and finally consumed. A commodity which has taken it’s place as a vital tool for preserving, creating wealth and maintaining communities of people. I am fascinated by the simple quiet life that it now lives out.

Size: 70cm (h) x 70cm (w)

Material: Installation – rope, Himalayan rock salt, sea salt, mussel shells, varnish, paper, fish knives, ribbon, thread, paper garlands and string.

Exhibited: Curio•sea•ty at South Square, South Square Gallery, Thornton, Bradford, June – July 2015

Curio•sea•ty, Patrick Studios, Project Space, East Street Arts, Leeds, March 2015