Curio•sea•ty, March 2015                                                                                                     Patrick Studios, Project Space, East Street Arts, Leeds

Curio•sea•ty opening night showreel

Circumfluere, March 2015

Joint piece – Lorna Barrowclough & Hondartza Fraga

Circumfluent means flowing around, surrounding.                                     Circumfluere is the original Latin verb, literally ‘to float about’.

“This work combines two ideas: Hondartza’s design of a world’s ocean map, and Lorna’s collages made out of the sea areas of old maps. The collage is composed from photos of old maps taken by the artists. The map presents a view of all the world’s seas as one unique mass of water, the land is omitted, only the coastline remains as one continuous edge to the body of water.”


Material: Laser cut mdf, photo collage

Currently installed at : Room for Curio•sea•ty, The Art Hostel, Leeds  –•sea•ty

Also exhibited at: Curio•sea•ty at South Square, South Square Gallery, Thornton, Bradford, June – July 2015