The Whales of August Exhibition, Aug 2014                                                        Wayfarers Brooklyn, New York, USA

A bed, a knot, a charm – fanciful coquilles – a selection (100)

This piece of work was created and developed as a visual sculptural performance, taking place over 8 weeks, comprising of 289 unique artist made multiples. During The Whales of August, a selection of this piece was shown. This piece draws upon the oyster shell; an object that made fortunes, gave livelihoods and bought together social integration on many levels by the simple act of consumption. The ‘fanciful coquilles’ are purposely ornate with the intention to engage the viewer in a fantastical way, drawing upon the past tradition of man made shell grottos. Preciously adorned spaces and fanciful overindulgence of a basic natural object – celebrating the oyster shell in all its glory.

Size: Each approx. 10 cm (l) x 6cm (w) x 5cm (h)

Material: Oyster shells, glass and plastic beads, clay, metal crab bells, glaze

Also exhibited in: Del azul mar al negro abysmal, MUSEO MARITIMO DEL CANTABRICO, San Martin de Bajamar, s/n. Santander, Aug-Oct 2015

My Head is an Animal, South Square Centre, Thornton, Bradford, Dec 2013 – Jan 2014