Same but Different Art Fair, April 2014                                                                                The Bowery, Temple Newsam, Leeds,

If it is not useful, belief is true – Portable Grottoes (Batch 1), Nov 2013

These objects are a form of moveable shrine; to house an idea, thought or memory and act as a marker of this. Created to be used they are waiting to be adopted, used and reused, their physicality being just one part of their existence.

Size: 23cm (h) x 18cm (w) – gold, 17cm (w) x 24cm (h) – red, approx. 15cm (h) x 15cm(w) each – grey & blue

Material:                                                                                                                                             Gold – Wood, clay, plastic beads, paper, string, ribbon, artificial moss, glaze Red – Red glass beads, clay, thread, ribbon, mussel shells, glaze, bird house base (wood)                                                                                                                                       Grey & Blue – wood, paper, glaze, mussel shells, clay, paper, glue