The beautifully used 07, August 2011

The beautifully used is a developed body of work which aims to provoke thought as to the purpose or new role of objects/materials that have completed their initial purpose as an object or material and now embark on their aftermath of purpose.

The work embodies both banal objects/materials and their use, with those materials/objects that are deemed to have more special meaning, due to their initial purpose and the meaning the user of these objects/materials put on them. However though both parties of object/materials start at completely different points of the human emotional spectrums, their initial purpose end is often the same – discarded to simply take on a new role.

The work looks to capture these objects/materials embarking in their new role of non-initial use. Aiming to make us stop and remember why we use, to savour a memory or feeling that that object or materials contributed to. To remember these materials/objects not just in their peak glory but to look on after use and remember their beautiful use, as beautifully used.

Size: A3

Material: Photography paper