Curio•sea•ty publication, March 2015

Curio•sea•ty (noun)                                                                                                                              A strong desire to know or learn anything and everything relating to the world’s seas and oceans. An unusual or interesting object or fact from or relating to the world’s seas and oceans.

Curio•seat•ty started in June 2014. The project was conceived as an opportunity for research and experimentation around the theme of the sea and our relationships with it. The main parts of the project were to spend time visiting some key maritime research centres and museums, defined from each other’s practices and methodologies, exchanging our knowledge and learning new skills.

We then used the research and all the materials gathered during the trips to create new works, both individually and in collaboration with each other.  Alongside the new works we wanted to produce a publication that would contain some of the works-in-progress and images that has grabbed our attention.

This Book is therefore like a cabinet of Curio•sea•ty where we have collected some of the objects and images that we have encountered during this project alongside our sketches, photographs and collages. Each page is like a drawer where items tell stories without words.  Over the last few months we have found, played with and adapted various traditional skills to enable us to produce new pieces of works as part of this project. There is no narrative or finished work in this book, rather a weaving of fragments, thoughts and ideas, like a sea chest where we keep the miscellanea from our expedition.

We hope this book will be a glimpse into the process of our work and the research we have undertaken.

Size: Book size – A5 landscape

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