Bank Street Arts Residency, Nov – Dec 2010                                                                   Bank Street Arts, Sheffield

Holding your knife and fork properly, November 2010

Using both limited time, an unknown space and site-specific objects; this piece was created within a 7-day time frame that explores the wonderment of small crude replicated objects of particular place meaning. In this case the objects being knives and forks (amount of sets to be produced unlimited, produced in a production line format) in a nod to the industrial spirit of Sheffield and a nod to my own heritage connected with industry in this city. This was a first in a series of site specific sculptural multiples, aiming to take the preciousness out of a single isolated object and to further reinforce the non-preciousness with the materials used. Looking to the impact that small-dismissed materials can evoke from the viewer. Once constructed within the basement area of Bank Street Arts, the public was given the option to buy the sets of knifes and forks, hence the ‘natural’ deconstruction part of the piece will began; the viewer was allowed to literally buy into the piece. Thus exploring the following concept: will we consume anything?


Material: Silver pipe cleaners, clay, glaze, string

Exhibited: Post-residency, 30 sets featured in the CART Exhibition for Current Gallery, Baltimore City, USA. 9 July – 4 Sept 2011